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Problems and Solutions

In 2018 the variety of projects and solutions we we faced was bigger than ever - from mobile apps, to software, websites, infographics, online stores, and project management.

Participant background was diverse and we hope to see even more diverse  groups in 2019!

We had software developers and web developers, management professionals, UI/UX people, graphic designers, copywriters, marketing wizards and students - and everyone contributed in their own way to their team effort.

Below you could read about the different organizations that participated and the solutions that were developed for them. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions at!

To read and see videos and pictures from 2017.

Conseil LGBT required a whole revamp to their website, that is structured in an old fashioned way, and very hard to navigate in and extract information or reports from.


A team of web developers and designers partnered with representatives from Conseil LGBT and built a WordPress website to replace the original website. Work is ongoing to finalize the new website.

The organization needed an application or a webapp for volunteers to access their database, which is currently an Excel sheet that is saved offline.



The team used AirTable to create a user-friendly database with different permission levels, and the option of access from mobile platforms and easily edit the DB. Representatives from the hack team met with volunteers from the organizations to transfer the knowledge and train the team on the new platform.

Helem wanted to launch a platform to help the LGBTQ+ community highlight friendly businesses and review business that discriminate or might be LGBTQ-unfriendly. 


The team completed a mock up version of a website that allows searching for business (based on Maps plug-in) and rating and leaving a review. 

This did not go live, since the project requires hundreds of hours for proper development.

Gender Creative Kids recently launched Sam - the world’s first educational transgender toy. With the intention of selling Sam online, an online store was required by the organization. 


An online shop was designed and built using Shopify's tools, with mock merchendise "ready-to-sell". The organization now works on designing and creating the merchandise to eventually help fundraise via their online shop.

A project management tool was introduced to assist the leadership team handling tasks and volunteers.


image+nation needed a whole new corporate website: design, architecture, content and website building. 


The team managed to design new forms and new, younger look, for the website, and plan the site architecture and sections. Construction of the website itself started but was not completed during the day of coding, so the team is still working on it, with hope to complete it in the coming weeks.


ACCM wanted to create a webpage/app to track volunteers house-visits. Volunteers should be able to check-in when they arrive, send a report via the app, store relevant information and check-out. In addition, ACCM wanted to improve its ticketing system of client requests.


An AI-backed chat bot was implemented and introduced to help with client requests on ACCM's website. Volunteer safety app was started but not yet finished. Another solution developed was a ticketing platform to allow ACCM volunteers follow-ups with client requests.

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